Design for Renters

Design for Renters

What is the best interior design for renters? Well first off, any type of interior design style can work well with small or limited spaces. You might think that minimalist interiors is the way to go with your apartment, however, even traditional or vintage interior design styles can grace your small space as well. It all just depends on how you choose and fit the right design elements into your interior. From country homes to ultra modern designs your interior is a blank canvass ready for your personalized décor.

Design tips for Darwin renters

Have a focal point

Whatever the size of the room, assign a focal point. If you can't find the right art piece to go along with your room theme, then find other design elements to unite your interior space. A feature wall is the next good thing behind an expensive artwork or sculpture. You can simply paint a section of a wall with a contrasting color but should go with your color scheme or choose an interesting lighting fixture that is large enough to draw attention but small enough not to overshadow your other design elements. There are temporary wall decals or stickers with striking design options for renters who are not allowed to paint their walls.

Temporary wall décor

For those who are not allowed to paint their walls, wall decals or patterned fabrics are great options. A gallery of photos or pictures may not be possible for tight spaces so a large single artwork or collage of your favorite photos framed stylishly can do the trick. 

Create Privacy

One of the challenges of renters is how to provide privacy in a very limited space.  Choose a useful and creative divider. If you have a large room but still want a flowing open space, you can define areas with low profile cabinets or with see-through dividers that allow light and ventilation to flow through. Curtain like dividers with interesting interlocking geometric shapes and open bookcases are also in trend. 

Use collapsible and multipurpose furniture

Invest in lightweight and easy to use collapsible or foldable furniture. Lightweight materials are usually used when it comes to portable furniture make sure they are durable and of course stylish. A modular sofa bed is a wise investment as it saves much space while you can still use it for your permanent home as a guest or bunk bed for sleepovers.

Save space with floating toilets

Your toilet and bath area is the perfect space to store some items. You make room with this intimate space by using floating sink units. You can choose to have a wet room or shower cubicle instead of a bath tub to save space. On the other hand if you really want a bathtub then you may opt to have them in shorter lengths or as corner baths. There are bathtubs with hidden storage space on the sides as well.

Verity Coonan