Quick tips for making your home attractive to any buyer

Quick tips for making your home attractive to any buyer

1 Paint Paint Paint!

You will be amazed at the difference a fresh coat of paint can give your home – and so will your buyers! However, don’t be tempted to paint your walls in unusual colours, as this won’t appeal to vast majority, even if the colours are on-trend, so try and stick to a neutral palette. If you can’t afford to paint, give your walls a good scrub at the very least, getting rid of any scuffs or marks that will give a bad impression. 

2 Lighting

Unless your home is reflecting an older vintage vibe, replacing any dated light fixtures can give your home an instant lift. This doesn’t have to be expensive, just head to Bunnings or your local hardware. Also ensure that all light bulbs are in working order before potential buyers come through your home.

3 De-clutter

Getting rid of all of your unnecessary clutter will not only make you feel more organised but it will make your home appear lighter and bigger. Take all of your old, unused items to charity or if you must hang on to it, put it into storage. You want your buyers to walk in and feel like they could live there. This is a good opportunity to also go through your closet and throw away anything you haven’t worn in the past year – you will feel so much better!

4 Give dated bathrooms a facelift

You don’t want to spend too much fixing up your bathroom, especially if you aren’t going to be the one who ends up using it! Bring an out-of-date bathroom to life with freshly painted walls or new tiles, as well as new lighting. Purchase a plain, neutral shower curtain, simple bath mat and matching towels and add some nice fresh flowers during open houses. 

5 Take down curtains

Old-fashioned or dated curtains can detract from the overall look of your home. Either leave your windows bare, or buy cotton or linen drapes, allowing as much natural light into the room as possible, ensuring they are tied back during open houses.

6 Put up mirrors

Make small rooms seem larger and dark rooms appear brighter by adding an attractive mirror to the walls. Placing mirrors in poky hallways will also enhance the space. Just make sure the size of the mirror fits harmoniously with the space of the wall.

7 Update the entrance

First impressions last so make sure your home looks inviting as people walk in. Updated the doorknob and bell, as well as the number of your house. Ensure the entrance is clean and free of trip-hazards.

And remember – you are trying to appeal to the masses so put aside your personal style so that each potential buyer can envision themselves making your home theirs! - Written by Suse Forrest of Vdesigned 



Verity Coonan