Highrise Interior Design


At Vdesigned, we understand that High Rise buildings require a high degree of presentability, usability, flexibility and accessibility. And we have the ability to give you just that!

When designing for high rise buildings, we need to meet the challenge of the above, as well as specific issues pertinent to your particular project. Our team is experienced in interior design, project management, space planning and meeting challenges of high rise office and residential building projects.

We'll work with you to achieve strong corporate identity throughout your offices. Height is considered as one of the most effective design elements in attracting attention and building character along with finishes, roof treatment, interior design, organization of spaces and outlook and view from within the office building.

At Vdesigned, we'll help you plan your space for maximum efficiency as well as functionality and feel. From various spaces for people to meet, offices, open plan layout and specialty rooms, such as gyms, we can help.