The Legends behind the design

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Verity coonan

Hello, I’m Verity Coonan, and I was born to create.

And create I do.

Growing up in Darwin, I was given free reign and enormous encouragement to experiment with colour in every aspect of my life—from my hair to my bedroom walls.

That passion stayed with me and propelled me into Interior Design. Where I lived and studied Interior Design and Technology on the Gold Coast, QLD.

This with my years of hands on experience is what created me as a designer with a smile.

Darwin being the community that supports, made it a no brainer for me to stay and build my dream.

My journey begun at City Ceramics’ in-house interior designer, working on an average of three houses a week and advising on everything from tiles and walls to the colour of kitchen cupboards. But I was desperate to be more hands-on and apply the interior design skills I’d learnt, and so the idea of Vdesigned was born in 2009.

My strength, drive and enormous success came from my partner Josh, who has now passed. He believed in me and my designs so much that I believed in myself, and the amazing direction of my business.

This continued a year on after he was gone, then there was a time when a client was so angry because a couch was 3 weeks late. In my mind, luckily it didn’t fall out of my mouth..I was thinking get a real problem.

And thats when my travels to Mexico began, I then followed a path of Yoga Training, PT, I became a Health Coach and I now enjoy the lifestyle of Entrepreneur with social media marketing.

I then created Vidya Yoga & Surf Retreat, this is my dream week of yoga, health, adventure and being able to help people heal with happiness.

So full circle back. I now do BOTH.

I am a huge believer you must love what you do everyday, this is why I’ve created a life I truly love.

So I invite you to join me on all my ventures as they all come together, to make us the beautiful humans we are.

Life + Home = Design.

Want to see what creative ideas I am embracing? You can via Instagram & Facebook.

And my adventures in life Verity Jo Coonan & Vidya Yoga Retreat


Jessica brittain

Hi, I am Jessica Brittain, and I am forever exploring and experimenting in the world of design.

Throughout my entire life I always turn to my creative side, it’s what I love and do best. I believe everything requires a dash of creativity and experimentation in order to be the best it can be, without it you will never know it’s full potential.

This thinking process of mine has been a huge part of me and in everything I do, through primary school, high school, work and university. I studied a Bachelor of Design at Charles Darwin University focusing purely on architecture, and I loved every bit of it. I was very fortunate to have lecturers who are genuine and passionate about architecture, they never failed to inspire me and encourage me to think outside of the box.

Now that I have finished my first degree I am eager to explore the world and to continuing creating alongside other creative lovers and to inspire others.

To fulfil my creative hunger even more, my sister and I established an online fashion boutique called James Boutique in February, 2017. Through all the website design, advertisement and photography for the business, I have grown and I continue to strive for new ideas and fun ways to grow the business and support other local businesses. 

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