Virtual Design


What is virtual design?

Interior design doesn't have to be time-consuming and expensive. Here at Vdesigned we can help you transform one room or your whole property without ever needing to step foot on site. If you're looking to do the work yourself, this is the answer.

Our unique virtual approach eliminates much of the cost of the traditional interior design process, which means you get professional, tailored design advice that's fast and affordable.

How does it work?

We can work with any room you like: bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, living/dining, bathroom, study, deck or outdoor entertaining space. 

We'll email you a quick-answer questionnaire to gather all the information we need. This will help us to:

  • get a feel for your personality
  • understand your likes and dislikes
  • discover the style you're looking for
  • get to know colours you love
  • understand how you want the room to feel
  • work within your budget.

We'll also ask for a selection of photos of each room.

What you'll receive

Within four weeks you'll receive a personalised design package for your room, includeing: 

  • the design concept we've created for your room(s)
  • a "colour board" that pulls together the room colours with pictures of suggested window furnishings, flooring, fabrics and wall colours
  • a schedule of finishes with all our recommended pait colours and brands - as well as where you can purchase them locally.